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Special Interest Groups

Line Dancing Group
Join our FREE Line Dancing lessons.

Here are a few reasons why you should give it a go:
You will be exercising and you wont even know it,
it's also a great place to meet new people.
Great Fun!

Classes will be held every Friday morning.
Contact us to register your interest.

Learn to Sew 
Here's a great opportunity to try something new - learning to sew.

Our classes provide a relaxed, fun and social way to learn how to sew. These classes are aimed at people with no or very limited experience in sewing. 
During the 10 week course you will learn basic sewing skills including setting up and threading a machine, hand sewing and machine stitches, measuring garment sizes, altering clothing items, reading, using and cutting patterns, and of course, sewing.

Cost: the course is totally FREE of charge - the only cost is the purchase of fabric ( which you can pick up really cheap at Spotlight or you are welcome to look through some of the donated fabrics we have)

Location: this course will be running at the Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub and the Karen Social Support Foundation (located in Long Gully - note: this location is for non-English speaking Backgrounds).

Contact BNH to register your interest in this course - expected to commence early March however this will be based on enrolment numbers.

Support Groups

Gamblers Anonymous

Meets regularly. Contact us to put you in touch with the group

Diabetes Group
A support group for people living with diabetes.
Contact Des: 5443-9628

Compassionate Friends
A support group for bereaved parents. Meets regularly.
Contact us to put you in touch with the group

Men's ABI
Meets weekly.
Contact Ross: 0417-379-522

Everywoman: supporting women with an ABI
Please refer to our Facebook page for upcoming social events, activities and outings.

Contact us: (03) 5441-2515

Social Outing

Movie Time

Check our facebook page for confirmation of movie date and session time

Pay for your own ticket and snacks.

Morning Tea

A monthly morning tea, check our facebook page for location and time.

Pay for own

Extra help with Complex forms

If you have any complex forms such as Passports, Citizenship forms, you need help with Housing, Centrelink calls and forms or any other complicated processes or forms we are here to help. This is a free service to the community. 

We have members of our staff that can assist with filling in these forms. This can be especially helpful if English isn't your first language. Our staff may help with these issues Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm. 

So if you need help with passports, Centrelink, housing, citizenship or anything else come in and see us. 

Courses and Activities
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