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Programs, Activities & Services

Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub brings people together to connect, learn and contribute to our local Bendigo community through providing a range of ever changing social, educational, recreational and support activities.

At Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub we have a strong focus on providing community advocacy and support services that focus on the development of individuals and families, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access services and supports within our community and to live their life to their fullest potential.

Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub also play a key role assisting in our community through emergency management and building community resilience during and in the aftermath of local
emergencies such as bush-fires, floods and of course most recently COVID.

New course 

We're super excited to be offering our newest course - Introduction to Goolge Drive - it's another free course designed to help people learn the skills to use one of the worlds most used programs.

With Google Drive you can create documents and spreadsheets, share you work with other people and save your work to the clouds.  It's a free program - all you need is a gmail account (which is also free and super easy to set up it you don't already have one).


Dungeons & Dragons

We're so excited to have a new program for young people between 10-16 years old.

We have 2 fabulous new volunteers who will be running a 4 week DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS program - this is a great way to introduce young people to this exciting game - no prior experience required and you don't need to bring anything.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their kids explore the exciting world of D&D's.

Please register your interest by contacting us with your (or your child's) name, contact number and a brief line of why they are interested) or send an email to dm.bendigohub@gmail.com.

Try something new at BNH

Services available from July 2022



Our Neighbour Assist program is all about providing assistance and support to our neighbours, the members of our community.

Through our Neighbour Assist program we're here to help people with everyday life tasks from creating my.gov accounts & linking services, applying for Centrelink payments, applying for Citizenship, connection essential services, completing rental applications, advocating for access to services and so much more.

Contact us to make a one on one appointment. 

Trans & Gender Diverse Bendigo & Beyond

Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond is a peer led community group focused on improving health and well-being for the trans and gender diverse community in regional and rural Victoria.

TGD Bendigo and Beyond was formed in February 2020 and has grown out of community need for social support and activities that empower the trans and gender diverse community in regional areas.

The key priorities of our projects are for participants to feel safe, supported, welcome and included.

We promote community connection, engagement and confidence through hosting and attending various events, groups and training opportunities around Victoria.

TGD Bendigo & Beyond run a variety of activities to promote opportunities for the transgender community to connect with each other and the broader community - including monthly social group gatherings at Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub, clothing swaps and more. 

TGD Bendigo and Beyond is proudly auspiced by Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub.

Here's a few more things that are happening at The Hub

There's so much more that happens at Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub

The best way to keep updated about what's happening at Bendigo Neighbourhoood Hub is

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